First Aid Safety Hygiene SuppliesTubular Bandage, Fingers & Toes

Tubular Bandage, Fingers & Toes

Tubular Finger Bandages

Tubular Bandage, Fingers & Toes
  • Pre-rolled elasticated finger bandages
  • Comfortable and easy to apply
  • For holding dressings in place and protecting wounds on fingers
  • Pack of 6 available in white or blue colours
  • Continuous 20m roll also available (white)

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Tubular Gauze Bandages Size 01 x 20m
£8.27 inc VAT
Code: D3937
Size: Size 01 x 20m

Tubular Finger Badage, White (PK6)
£5.22 inc VAT
Code: D8041

Tubular Finger Badage, Blue (PK6)
£5.59 inc VAT
Code: D8042