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Allsport Medical is UK's leading Sports First Aid Supplier. We source and manufacture many of our products directly to provide you cost effective Sports First Aid Solutions.

Sports First Aid Kits

At Allsport Medical we have a large range of Sports First Aid Kits to suit your sporting passion. We ensure that our kits meet governing body recommendations from the RFU to the FA. Our Sports First Aid Kits are based on the most common injuries of specific sports with each kit including Bandages, Hot & Cold Therapy products and Scrapings. Why not have a look at our new Pro Kits for Football and Rugby which have comprehensive content making them ideal for clubs and associations.

Football First Aid Kit

Our Football First Aid Kits are one of the few in UK's that meet the FA's First Aid Kit recommendations. In 2008 we have launched a new Pro Football First Aid Kit which has additional content for professional and larger clubs. Each Football First Aid Kit focuses on the treatment of the most common Football Injuries including ankle and knee injuries, cuts and wounds and bruising. In 2008/09 we have a 3 for 2 offer that makes the Allsport Football First Aid Kit unbeatable value.

Rugby First Aid Kit

Rugby First Aid is unique due to the high contact nature of the sport. The Allsport Medical 2008 Rugby First Aid Kit has been improved to meet the RFU First Aid Kit guidelines and to ensure the contents meet the needs of most common Rugby Injuries. Also new in 2008 is the Pro Rugby First Aid Kit which includes products such as Seal-On Nasal Plugs that help treat additional contact injuries. You can purchase the Rugby First Aid Kit online with a bonus of 12 cold packs that come with each Kit purchased. Alternatively there is a 3 for 2 offer for larger clubs that make bulk purchases.

Ice Packs

Cold Therapy is an important way to minimise the impact of common sport injuries. Our chemically activated Ice Packs (Commonly called Cold Packs) provide instant cold relief for up to 20 minutes. Using Ice Packs is part of the RICER process (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral) which all Sports First Aid manual strongly recommend. Allsport also has reusable Ice Packs which are an economical way of providing cold therapy if a freezer is available near a sporting ground.

Zinc Oxide Tape

Taping is required by many individuals who require extra support for areas that are prone to (or have recently had) injuries. This commonly includes the ankles, knees and shoulders. Zinc Oxide Tape is the leading tape due to its lightweight yet strong material. Zinc Oxide Tape tears easily and can be applied directly to the skin making it an easy to use application. There are different widths available due to different injuries requiring different methods of strapping.

Sports Tape

When treating or protecting an injury a tape that cushions that area and allows it to breath can be vital. The most popular Sports Tape is EAB tape due to the fact it allows firm and easy maintenance of directional tension. EAB Sports Tape confirms to the body/limb contours and is available in three sizes. Allsport recommends the Premier EAB Tape which provides quality porous adhesive for secure fixation of limbs. To see our full range of Tapes please visit the Sports Tape & Bandage section.

The all rounder sports supplier.

It goes without saying that good, adequate first aid for sports is par for the course at any sports game. Injuries can easily occur to even the toughest in the sports arena so an efficient sports first aid kit is essential at all sporting games, matches and tournaments.

Sports first aid supplies are just as imperative during practice sessions. At All Sport Medical, the UK's leading sports first aid supplier, we source and manufacture our products directly in order to bring our customers cost effective first aid for sports solutions.

First aid kits for the sports persons' needs.

We offer a great variety of sports first aid kits so our customers can buy according to the needs of the game. From compact first aid for sports kits to full emergency sports first aid kits, as well as sports first aid kits specifically for various sports, at All Sport Medical we have exactly what you need.

Our first aid for sports kits for both amateur and pro sporting games are well stocked with vital first aid for sports of all kinds, with specific concentration on the individual sport at hand. We provide quality first aid for sports kits and include specific first aid for sports kits for an umbrella of sports, including rugby, football, astro turf sports, hockey, cricket and a general multipurpose first aid for sports kit. All of our first aid kits are perfectly suited for treating the most common sports injuries.

Sometimes your body needs support.

For a sportsman or sportswoman, a minor injury cannot be the catalyst to them missing an important game. With All Sport Medical's sports supports and sports guards minor injuries could be a thing of the past! We specialise in a range of sports supports products that protect human joints and muscles. Such sports supports can help athletes cope with the problem of reoccurring injuries. Now knees, ankles, elbows, thighs, fingers and wrists can be protected with sports supports designed especially to respond to the needs of different body parts. Of course at All Sport Medical we can also provide an all round solution with the multipurpose bandages for sports support. Choose from our range of products, designed to protect the all important knee area. Make sure your knees are defended against injuries by selecting the appropriate knee support. Our thigh sports supports will help you steer clear of muscular injuries that could set your training schedule back. Also, these sports supports are ideal for the smooth re-introduction of injured thighs to intense exercise. Elbows and ankles are a big injury point in many sports, including contact sports, tennis, golf and weight lifting. Sports supports for all four of these joints can offer protection before possible injury occurs, and after injury while the joints are busy healing.

Training for your game.

A varied, yet comprehensive range of sports training equipment is what is needed for most sports. Sportsmen and sportswomen make use of an assortment of sports training equipment in order to gain fitness, control and precise focus of their game. At All Sports Medical we have everything in the field of sports training equipment to assist the dedicated sports person achieve their maximum. Our range of sports training equipment is phenomenal and includes the likes of space markers (flat and raised), traffic cones (including collapsible cones), outdoor and indoor ladders, passing arcs and escape belts. More sports training equipment we offer at All Sports Medical comprises speed hoops, speed chutes, hurdles, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg and 5kg medicine balls, wobble boards and boundary poles.

More than practice alone.

Training for a sport includes more than just practising the game at hand. It involves fitness, strength and stamina building, along with control and focus on your goal and your game. That is where sports training equipment comes in to play. Sports training equipment helps to builds these avenues and create an overall sports winner. We offer a diverse range of sports training equipment to prepare the sports person for any occurrence on the field, court or track. Our game at All Sports Medical is to provide everything necessary for all key sports, and we do it with a smile and a whole lot of knowledge. So before you look elsewhere for first aid kits to tend to injured sportsmen and women, training apparatus or supports and guards, try All Sports Medical where our range is incredibly vast and our prices more than competitive!

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